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Atelier Gretta

see sky

Welcome. Bienvenue. Bienvenido. Wilkommen. Üdvözölöm. Bine ati venit.

Inspired by the Finish landscapes of Gallen-Kallela, the immersive realities of the German sculptor Käthe Kollwitz  and the lightness of French Impressionists, Gretta creates living paintings, saturated with harmonies experienced in nature.

Gretta prefers to paint -en plein air-, participating in the alternation of the subjects and their environment over time, imbuing those movements in the design of the paintings.

Collection Preview


Land on fire

Oil painting on canvas

60x60 cm

2023 Gretta-H  - full moon_s

Full Moon

Oil painting on canvas board

24 x 12 cm 

2023-04 Gretta H _canyon of shades-s

Comfortable Canyon

Oil painting on canvas

41 x 32 cm 

2023 stone garden -s

Stone Garden

Oil painting on canvas

40 x 40 cm 



Oil painting on canvas